SKWID is designed to cater for your specific needs in the areas of content management, user experience, conversion and relationship management. It scales up to your expectation and according to your needs.

Content Management

  • Content & Navigation

    Content & NAvigation

    Fully featured, multi-lingual and scalable content management system with full control over your content, pages and navigation structure
  • User interface

    User interface

    Advanced and versatile layout management with personalization capabilities and full control on the page structure with drag and drop support.
  • Media Documents

    Media Documents

    Store and organize all your files, /SKWID-v2/images, documents and videos with advanced management capabilities and full control over your digital assets.
  • Search & SEO

    Search & SEO

    Out-of-the-box advanced search capabilities with auto-suggestions and full text search support. Built-in SEO features including friendly URLs, tagging, sitemap, analysis, suggestions and more.
  • PRofiling


    Built-in mini-CRM for your website member profiles with registration, login, profile management features in addition to the out-of-the-box Mailchimp integration.
  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Multiple admin user accounts and groups with access control and permission management to allow for delegated administration in addition to content approval workflows.
  • Multi-Site Support

    Multi-Site Support

    Supports multiple websites and multi-lingual scenarios with delegated access control where needed.

user Experience Management

  • Personalized Content

    Personalized Content

    Deliver personalized content and components that best fit the user profile visiting your website to increase the engagement with your users.
  • Visitor Tracking

    Visitor Tracking

    Track your visitors activity in order to know them better and increase your analytical intelligence in order to target your users more efficiently.
  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

    Out-of-the-box A/B testing for different components of your website with automatic and smart adaptation.

Conversion Management

  • Conversion Forms

    Conversion Forms

    Advanced dynamic form generation and integration within any web page with no need for coding. This comes with an advanced submission tracking and reporting back end.
  • Landing Pages

    Landing Pages

    Build your own custom landing pages with dynamic forms, custom portlets, A/B testing components and track their activity throughout your campaigns.
  • Tagging & anaLYTICS

    Tagging & anaLYTICS

    Integrate Google analytics, pixel integration, Google Tag manager and custom scripts wherever and whenever needed to have full visibility and tracking.


    Built-in integration with Mailchimp to easily extend and start using one of the best campaign management and marketing automation tools in the market.
  • 3rd party integration

    3rd party integration

    Easy integration with 3rd party systems to send or retrieve data from/to web pages and forms.

Relationship Management

  • Social media integration

    Social media integration

    Post to your social media channels from within one platform through the built-in integration with the most know social channels.
  • polling & surveys

    polling & surveys

    Get your users feedback, opinions and insights through reaching out to them through custom polls and data collection surveys.
  • Commenting & Rating

    Commenting & Rating

    Let your website visitors interact with your content through interactive commenting and rating mechanisms that help you listen better to your users and allow them to interact with each other.
  • Forums & blogs

    Forums & blogs

    Create additional interaction channels through discussion forums and invest in inbound marketing through content generation using the built-in blogging engine of SKWID.
  • Live chat support

    Live chat support

    Allow your customers to get in touch with you whenever they feel it or proactively reach out to them and help solve their problems or answer their concerns.


  • Merchandizing


    Intuitive shopping experience across multiple channels with fully manageable product catalogs, types, highlights and prices. Upsell, cross sell, promotions, discounts through a built-in recommendations engine.
  • NAvigation


    Get your users feedback, opinions and insights through reaching out to them through custom polls and data collection surveys.
  • Ordering


    Ordering made easy through one-page and guest checkouts in addition to multiple built-in payment and shipping gateways.
  • Management


    Full order tracking and fulfilment management system with full control, advanced tracking, analytics, reporting and visual dashboards.

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Innovative, centralized, customizable, practical and simple, Skwid is your route to be a pioneer in an ever-developing digital world.
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